How Do You Save Money While Shopping Online

We all love to shop, but sometimes it can be a little overwhelming – especially when you’re trying to stay on budget. Here are a few hacks to help you save time and money when shopping online.

Know the art of deal

Many people when couponing for the first time, are amazed by the deals they can snag by watching the ads, collecting their coupons and timing their purchases correctly. However sometimes this can cause a problem when they try to get every deal available and that may lead to bankruptcy and stress.

Those who are well-versed in using coupons know many stores have sales cycles and that if a product goes on sale at the moment, it will probably also be on sale in 8-12 weeks, too. As long as the expiration date for the coupons is well into the future, go ahead and wait unless there’s an immediate, pressing need.

Learning how to stock up for your family using coupons will help you to be able to time the cycles appropriately.

Review the Circulars and Store Ads

People new to couponing might not realize that many stores put coupons into their circulars and store ads. You may find some amazing coupons in store ads or circulars are for $5 or $10 off your grocery order. That’s like free groceries and obviously a coupon all people would want to have available.

A lot of websites on the Internet will actually give you a preview of what is going on sale in the coming week, along with a list of ‘match-ups’ which show what coupons match the products in the ads in detail.

A good strategy to employ, and one of my tips for coupon shopping that I cannot recommend enough, is to use coupons for products already on sale, for deeper discounts.

A lot of stores also have monthly ‘special buys’ which are discounted over a longer period of time and can be combined with coupons for extra savings. Checkout circulars and store ads to not miss these special deals.

Check out small shopping sprees

Take full advantages of coupons by using them during small shopping sprees. When you only buy a few items at a time, you can receive the most savings from sales and from your coupons. Stores seem to vary in sales items, discounting various items at different times of the year. Check out some stores and limit the amount that you buy on each visit, you can use coupons for sales items only, thus maximizing your savings.

Stock the items you need

If necessary items are on sale, buy as many as the store allow you to buy because you will always need those items. Some stores limit the number of sale items you can purchase while some other stores don’t have any limitation. You can take this chance to set up your long-term home products storage. If a store puts a limit on a necessary sale item, come to other stores to stock up. But remember not to stock items that will expire soon. If you have to throw them away, you won’t be saving any money buying them in the first place.

Alternate stores

Different stores offer different sale prices for the same items at different times of the year. Visit multiple stores to see which stores offer the best deals to maximize your savings.

Use social media

Social media like email newsletters, facebook, twitter… can inform you of sales and deals before they debut, which is the key to have the upper hand in holiday season.

Sign up for store saving cards

Sign up for member cards at the stores where you shop. The cards provide shoppers with additional savings. If you sign up for member cards, you will also receive additional coupons in the mail. Mostly all stores now allow you to earn reward points each time you purchase anything. If you purchase enough, you will get a big discount.

Check out coupon website frequently

You can now access good coupons with many free coupon websites. They offer you many coupons and discounts on variety of stores. You can find mostly anything you need on this website.

Don’t lower your expectation for coupon codes

For clothing and accessories, you shouldn’t lower your standard for coupons offering discounts of only 25 percent off or less because they normally will not help you save much money with this discount. It’s popular to see coupon codes for these items in the range of 30 percent to 50 percent off or more during the holiday shopping season. However, be aware that retailers usually don’t offer coupon codes for across-the-board discounts on tech items. When purchasing electronics and computers, it’s more about looking for great sale prices on individual items.

Trade coupon with others

There are many couponing websites on the internet that create forums for members to trade coupons they don’t use for the coupons they really need. This is a really useful way to get the coupons you are not able to get. Being timely, reliable and generous to gain good reputation will make sure that your trading coupon go well. Those who coupon depend upon these relationships to have access to a certain number of coupons, or coupons from different regions, to raise their savings.

Understand The Terminology

It is vital that you understand the basics of coupon language, or slang, when shopping. You should know what a BOGO is, how to stack coupons effectively, what a blinkie, tearpad, peelie and hangtag are.

Understand rebates

Couponing goes along with rebates. Many times, a retailer will have a rebate for a $10 gift card when you buy $50 in groceries. For example, you can buy $50 worth of groceries, reduce your out of pocket with sales and coupons, and still get the rebate. Then, you can spend the $10 gift card on another items, to help reduce your after-coupon total on that grocery shop.

Check for coupons often during the holidays

Retailers usually offer short-term discounts such as free shipping with no minimum purchase for one day only. These coupon codes available in a limited amount of time tend to be deeper discounts, or they might be a combination of offers that normally aren’t available constantly.

What to do with expired coupons

Couponing experts know that even expired coupons can have some good benefits. They can be sent to military bases and used by families living on those bases for an additional six months past the expiration. It’s a good way to support our troops and make sure that the coupons do get used, even if it’s not by the original person printing them out.

There are many websites around where you can sign up and get assigned to a base where you will send your coupons when they’ve expired. That way you can take full advantages of coupons even though they are expired.


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