5 Must-see Examples Of Kinetic Typography

5 Must-see Examples Of Kinetic Typography

In this blog post, we will be discussing five must-see examples of kinetic typography. Kinetic typography is a type of typography that is based on the movement of objects and particles. It is often used in advertising, web design, and motion graphics.

One of the most popular types of kinetic typography is the grid. grids are used to organize text and to create a visual hierarchy. They are also used to create a sense of motion.

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Another popular type of kinetic typography is the wave. Wave typography is often used in headlines and in presentations to create a sense of motion.

In addition to grid and wave typography, there are also freehand typography and freeform typography. Freehand typography is often used to create unique and original designs. It can be used to create a sense of chaos or order.

Finally, there is the typeface. A typeface is a set of fonts that are designed to be used together. They can be used to create a unique, consistent look across a range of designs.

The Kinetic Typography Manifesto

kinetic typography in action

typography on the go

kinetic typography for a modern day world

kinetic typography in motion

The Kinetic Typography of David Lynch

The Kinetic Typography of Banksy

The Kinetic Typography of Tim Burton

The Kinetic Typography of Tyler Oakley

The Kinetic Typography of Jay Lynch


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